“Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, good will to men, I bring you good news of great joy to everyone.” These are the words the angels said over the hills outside of Bethlehem when they announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds tending sheep through the night. It was great news. A baby had been born and this baby was the demonstration of God’s love for us. That first Christmas is the reason we can live a life of purpose and significance. The baby in the manger was proof that God loved us, and that His love was deep enough to make a way for us to know Him.

Experiencing a meaningful Christmas is not in buying more gifts or decorating more elaborately. It is in putting Christ first, focusing on what matters most, and then sharing that with others. This Christmas celebration can be a time to pause and reflect on the love that God has for us, and then find a way to share that love with others.

Once that amazing love has been placed in us, (Romans 5:5) we now have the capacity to love with the God kind of love. It is the love that allows us to look beyond ourselves and sees needs in others, and then helps us to find a way to do something about them…. just like God did in sending His Son to save us. It is this wonderful message that we get to share. Once we find our purpose in life, we get to help others find theirs. You were made for this mission! In fact Jesus said in John 17:8 in the Message Bible, “In the same way that You (God) gave Me (Jesus) a mission in the world, I give them (you and me) a mission in the world.” What Jesus began as a baby in a manger, we get to continue. Jesus was about His Father’s business during His life on the earth, and that is our mission as well! Showing and telling others that they can have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus is the greatest gift you could give anyone. No gift can be greater than helping people establish a vibrant relationship with God.

Our prayer for you this Christmas is that you would experience a meaningful season and a significant life. Our Christ-mas wish is that you come to a deeper knowledge of your mission in this life, as a member of God’s family, and a messenger of His Good News to others.

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Blessings and love as you receive, and then give the best gift of all.
Stewardship Committee,
Roger, Becky & Gail

© 2019 Calvary Lutheran Church