The roots of the Calvary congregation lie in with the earlier settlers to the area. Most arrived between 1870- 1890’s, from Germany, then Prussia, and many had their origins in Pomerania.  They came with hopes of owning their own land for farming and logging and having freedom to worship. They valued education for their children, and so schools were established early on, followed by churches. Early worship was hosted in private homes and led often by circuit rider ministers until congregations and churches were built. German was the predominant language spoken at home and so religious lessons were also in German until the 1940’s. Young people typically spent a day a week away from school and their English lessons, at church learning lessons in German. Tight knit communities were established in America just as they had been in the old country.  Today the Calvary congregation is ethnically diverse, representing the heritage of the community and global thinking witnessed through a variety of mission efforts.


Together in Jesus Christ we are freed by grace to live faithfully, witness boldly and serve joyfully


A world experiencing the difference God's grace and love in Christ makes for all people and creation.


“Faithful participation in society is integral and vital to the mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”

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